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Welcome. offers you an all-in one shop for the best hair grease including gels, waxes, water soluble pomades, shampoos, aftershaves, and more to fit your lifestyle.

DAX Super Neat Hair Creme Grim Grease Pomade Green (Heavy) Atomic-Pomade DAX Pomade
Atomic Pomade
Our Price: $11.50

DAX Pomade
Our Price: $4.06
Grim Grease Light Green (Medium/Heavy) High Life Medium Pomade Murray's Small Batch 50-50
High Life Medium Pomade
Our Price: $9.95

Cock Grease "No X"
Our Price: $7.50
Murray's Small Batch 50-50
Our Price: $6.00

Murray's Xtra Heavy Grant's Golden Brand Original Pomade Lucky Tiger Aspen After Shave Lucky Tiger Cru Butch & Control Wax
Murray's Xtra Heavy
Our Price: $6.00

Rumble59 Schmiere Special Edition Sailor Medium JS Sloane Mediumweight Brilliantine Rumble59 Belt Buckle "Ignition" Krew Comb
Krew Comb
Our Price: $8.26

Rumble59-Schmiere Pomade Knuppelhart DAX Vegetable Oil Shampoo Uppercut Monster Hold High Life Light Pomade
DAX Vegetable Oil Shampoo
Our Price: $5.80
Deal of the Day Price: $5.22
Savings: $0.58

Uppercut Monster Hold
Our Price: $18.00
High Life Light Pomade
Our Price: $9.95

Super Deal!

Layrite No.9 After Shave

Our Price: $10.00
Layrite No.9 After Shave
The oldest scent in barbering – this classic Bay Rum, made from the Bay of Tripinless oil will tighten up your pores and leave you feeling refreshed. With a hint of clove and other spices, this classic scent will leave you feeling and smelling like you just left the barber shop in the 40s!

New Products

Murray's D-Luxe Grooming Creme
Our Price: $8.00
Lucky Tiger Liquid Cream Shave
Our Price: $18.50
Lucky Tiger Essential Grooming Kit
Our Price: $84.50
Murray's Superior Hair Dressing Pomade Vintage
Our Price: $6.00
Lucky Tiger After Shave and Face Tonic
Our Price: $19.50