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theGreaseShop.com maintains a large variety of men's barbershop grade grooming products. You’ll find petroleum/wax based or water soluble pomades, waxes, and gels for a classic, slicked retro style, todays extreme looks, or a clean business cut. As a one stop shop, you’ll find grease cutting shampoos, combs, hair brushes, aftershaves, a few novelties, and shaving creams for the well groomed gentleman.

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For strong hold and high shine

For a wet/greasy shine with strong hold first use a heavier wax or pomade to give hold. (Heavier weight pomades and waxes are a matte finish — low on shine.) Style your hair to get it going the way you want. Then coat the surface a light weight pomade to give shine. Touch up the style as needed. For super greasy shine, coat the stiffly combed hair with an oily product such as mineral oil, rose oil, lanlion oil, or a light pomade using your hands and fingers.

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How to use Layette Pomade on Wet Hair

Frankengrease Eddy's DeLuxe Superior Butch Wax
Our Price: $14.00
Our Price: $13.50
Frankengrease Eddy's DeLuxe Superior Butch Wax
Frankengrease is a heavy hold hair pomade with easy combability and a fresh orange grove scent. Unlike some of the heavy waxy pomades out there this one combs fairly easy so much less tugging out any of your hairs. And with the orange essential oil in there you will get some shine unlike most other heavy pomades out there. So buy a can and make your hair comes alive. Eddy’s DeLuxe Superior Butch Wax is strong wax, no shine, just the invisible hold you need for a flat-top hair cut or a stiff crew-cut. Manly cabin tobacco scent.
ACE Mock Turtle Dressing Comb 64336 JS Sloane Heavyweight Brilliantine
Our Price: $2.60
Our Price: $17.00
ACE Mock Tortoise Dressing Comb 64336 JS Sloane Heavyweight Brilliantine
ACE Mock Tortoise Dressing Comb has deep sets of fine and course teeth for easy styling. Great for creating high pomps or retro slick-back styles. Approximately 8" For harder to manage hair, this product has maximum control and will hold style in place. This superb old style and texture with fresh scent will wash out easy.
Eddy's DeLuxe Royal Pomade Anchors Teddy Boy Original
Our Price: $15.00
Our Price: $20.00

Eddy's DeLuxe Royal Water Soluble Hair Pomade Anchors Teddy Boy Original
Eddy’s DeLuxe Royal Pomade is an extra firm holding water soluble pomade. It will not flake, stays combable, and washes out easily with water. Not a gel, but add water as you style for a gel like consistency and it will dry with a wax like hold.
Anchors Teddy Boy Original Pomade is a medium weight water-based pomade which gives a firm lasting hold and a healthy shine to your style. Remains flexible for easy re-combing. Fresh Bay Rum Scent. Washes out with water. Paraben, petroleum, and alcohol free.