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Using medium and heavy weigh pomades

It is better to start off by working a small amount of pomade into your hair and then adding several more small applications at a time to build up the desired amount in your hair. If you add a lot at once, you will have a harder time spreading it through your hair and an even greater amount of difficulty combing it. Also comb your hair in the general direction you want it to go between applications. Once you have applied the total amount you want, style your hair.

To make pomade more plyable when styling, it is best to rub each application of pomade through your fingers or the palm of your hand to soften it with your hand's heat. You may also soften the pomade by running the closed can under hot water. For safety do not put on a stove, microwave, or other warming appliance. When in your hair, a warm hair dryer will make the pomade more workable and will stiffen once it cools after styling.

Removing waxes and pomades

As far as we know, there is NO shampoo which COMPLETELY washes any petroleum or wax based product. These pomades and waxes are intended NOT to wash out easily. Degreasing shampoos can only aid in washing out these products. Several applications are often necessary. WE CANNOT GUARANTEE THAT ANY SHAMPOO WE SELL WILL COMPLETELY REMOVE ANY HAIR PRODUCT OR OTHER SUBSTANCE FROM YOUR HAIR. THEY ARE TO AID IN CLEANSING.

Many pomade/wax users don't need to completely wash out the products as they intend to "grease-up" again! But if you want to remove these styling products, here's what you need to do.

BUT DON'T DISPARE... The shampoos we sell on the are all grease cutting shampoos. The more popular ones for cutting grease are the Lucky-13 Royal Flush, DAX Removing Shampoo, and High Life Shampoo. For best results do not over wet hair and use a generous amount of shampoo. Work up a good lather and let it stay in your hair to dissolve the grease for several minutes. Rinse out with hot water and repeat as needed to remove remaining grease and wax. Afterwords you may want to use a conditioner such as DAX Restoring Conditioner to leave hair soft and natural or ready for the next greasing!

Here are a few ideas sent to us by shoppers on washing out pomades and waxes:

IDEA 1: Work in a good dose of Groom & Clean hairdressing letting it melt the wax for about a half an hour. You may want to style your hair with the Groom & Clean and the pomade/wax that's already in your hair and wear it this way while it works on softening the pomade/wax. Groom & Clean is like a detergent, thus its name. Then, when your ready to wash it all out, saturate your hair with a good shampoo such as the grease-cutting varieties we sell here, wash, and then rewash as needed and it's all gone.
IDEA 2: Use a grease-cutting dish detergent such as Dawn and work up a good lather. You may need to let it soak in for a while as you rub your fingers through the hair. Rinse out completely with warm water. Wash again with a pleasant yet good grease cutting shampoo such any of the shampoos we sell here.
IDEA 3: This idea uses several grease cutting steps for removing extremely built us pomades and waxes. Apply about a tablespoon of Ajax Super Degreaser Dish Liquid Detergent to your hair as you would a shampoo. Thoroughly rinse out with warm water. Apply Pantene Pro-V Conditioner first for additional grease cutting action, and work it in until you can feel you hair get nice and soft. Use an amount you normally use with any shampoo. Apply Pantene Pro-V Shampoo. [DAX Removing Shampoo, DAX Vegetable Oil Shampoo, or Lucky 13 Royal Flush Shampoo work just as well and are available here] This will leave you hair sqeaky clean, and get rid of the lemon smell of the Ajax. Rinse your hair with cold water, and run your hands through to feel if you missed any pomade. –The Big Guy Von Frankenstein, Heathens SC/CC
IDEA 4: Work olive oil or mineral oil into your hair to "melt" the wax. Then wash your hair with a really good grease cutting dish soap such as Dawn. Finally, wash with your favorite shampoo. Any of the shampoos we sell will do the trick. Depending on how heavy and how much wax or pomade you are removing, you may need to repeat applications and time soaking in the shampoo.
IDEA 5: Try using Dove Ultra Moisturizing Conditioner as a shampoo. It is said to be a great degreaser.
IDEA 6: Shampoo with an olive oil shampoo, or grease cutting shampoo, rinse and condition. Towel dry hair them massage in a liberal amount of Dawn Concentrated Dish Detergent. Work into a lather and let sit for 30 to 45 minutes. There might be a slight itchiness to the scalp. Rinse out well and re-shampoo and condition. –Skully B.

These ideas were submitted by customers and we do not make any guarantee to their effectiveness but it is worth trying and finding what best works for your hair type and the brand of grease or wax you are removing.

Mixing products for best hold and shine

Get more variety from your slicking experience. Try mixing two or more products that exhibit different properties. Some products are better for rigid hold such as heavy weight pomades and waxes, and light weight pomades give a greasier shine.

For a wet/greasy shine with strong hold first use a heavier wax or pomade to give hold. (Heavier weight pomades and waxes are a matte finish — low on shine.) Style your hair to get it going the way you want. Then coat the surface a light weight pomade to give shine. Touch up the style as needed. For super greasy shine, coat the stiffly combed hair with an oily product such as mineral oil, rose oil, lanlion oil, or a light pomade using your hands and fingers. See pomades.

More ideas from our visitors:

"Bobby Blue Eyes" suggested these mixtures for superior shine and hold. First, he thoroughly slicks up his hair with Layrite and combs it into his style. [Layrite Super Hold can give even stronger hold] Next, he applies with his hands a small portion of AGS 40wt. — just enough to coat the surface. He finishes combing his hair into place. This does a few things. The AGS gives it the shinier, greasier look and stops the Layrite from getting too hard or brittle. This also makes it easier to work with later in the day after it has dried. This also helps keep it in place on those really hot days when the sweat starts to wash the Layrite away. Likewise, the Layrite helps keep the AGS from melting too much in the sun. This is good for that perfect, in place greaser style. Perfect for any size pomps. Another combination uses AGS 40wt. and Murray's Superior. First, he puts just a palm full (or two) of Murray's in his hair, getting an even coat. Next, he goes to town with the AGS 40wt. "I use this method when I want that more Rock and Roll look with a medium size pomp," he says. "When I comb up my pomp, I lightly pull the comb forward and can often get just a few strands to pull out and curl up front."

"Kushkakatt" found that using Vaseline in combination with Wildroot produces an excellent shine. (DAX Short & Neat Light Hair Dress or AGS 40wt is even shinnier than Vaseline and we sell it.) He suggests to use a heaping tablespoon (or more if you like) of Vaseline or light pomade product, rub it in your hands and then thoroughly rubs it through your hair to get it well coated. Once that is done, apply about the same amount of Wildroot, again rub it thoroughly into your hair. You should now be able to style your hair with excellent hold and gloss. Another variation is to start off by applying a thorough soaking of Vitalis, or similar type tonic such as Lucky Tiger 3 Purpose Hair Tonic, let it dry until the alcohol evaporates, and then carry on with the Vaseline and Wildroot. Kushkakatt says, "There is nothing better than Vaseline or Light Pomade product for a really first class greaser look." A great alternative to Vaseline that has a classic scent is Murray's NuNile or AGS 40wt.

Adrien found that if he wet his hair lightly with water, then soaked it with Aquanet, and then combed it to the desired style he got a great slick shine that last for days without getting grease on his bedding. After letting it dry part way, he would add more Aquanet to build up more shine! We don't currently sell Aquanet, but is easily available in most drug and food stores.

Non-hair Products for an awesome shine

For the ultimate hair slick you might consider passing up the hair care isle and head to the baking department. Crisco® is a shortening used in baking but is also a great glaze for hair! Not too far from the hair care isle, in the makeup section, you will find glycerine, a very sticky, gooey oil that is often used to apply theatrical makeup appliances such as artificial beards and mustaches. Great as a slick hair goo too. –Neil Dick

How much grease to use

It all depends on how much hair, it's texture, and what look you want to achieve. If all you want to do is keep your hair styled and neat, than you don't need much. But if you are looking for a super slicked greaser look, then use a lot. Style plays a role in the choice. For instance a flattop can use a lot of wax or heavy pomade. Long-hair pompadours and long haired slickbacks that are to look super-slicked should have PLENTY of the medium or light weight products. For high shine, light weight products in ample amounts are used. Use more if your hair tends to absorb the grease and lack shine. Some hair types look super greasy even with a little product. Just experiment!

Heavier pomades should be applied a little at a time as you work the product in and comb. This is to make combing easier and avoid tangling which will make combing difficult.

Caution: For fine, brittle, or long hair don't use a lot of the heavier products. It would be better to use a medium or light weight products. For short, and/or coarse hair or curley hair, you can use more of the heavier weight products.

Spray on a slick shine!

After using a pomade or other product with good holding power, comb your hair into the desired style. Once you have the look perfectly set in place, you can spray on a nice shiny, greasy mist of a light oil such as mineral oil, olive oil, or brilliantine. You can also use a spray oil sheen. A guy named Jim who posts on Greaser's Lair suggests that a pump spray bottle like "I Can't Believe It's Not Butter" works best for oils like brilliantine. This pump bottle is made for substances that are somewhat thicker than hair spray such as the liquid butter that comes in this bottle. The oil sits on the surface and will look fantastic in the sun or bright lights.

Caution: Oil based products magnify sun's rays

When using oily products such as light pomades and oil tonics avoid prolonged exposure to the sun as the oil acts as a magnifying glass and can increase your exposure to U.V. rays which causes sunburn and other sun related problems. So — unless you want a quick head tan — use caution!

What's a good stiff holding spray?

Aquanet Unsented holds real well, is cheap, and has almost no scent. This was suggested to us by Nocuman Wolf

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What shampoo to use on died hair?

These are reported by the manufacturer to not strip color from died hair.
Atomic Shampoo
Rumble 59 Schmiere Ex Shampoo (The manufacturer tested this shampoo on bleached and dyed hair and had no problems with it. However, SchmierEx is supposed to wash off pomade and other greasy styling products and has the same deep cleansing effect like comparable products from other brands. If you want to keep the color on the hair as long as possible, they recommend using SchmierEx occasionally, but not every day.)
DAX Removing Shampoo


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