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Cock Grease is the house brand of Eddie's Deluxe, a small barber shop in east Sacramento California. Eddy's specializes in greasy haircuts, such as pompadours, DA's, crew cuts, and any of the local favorites. Catering more to a subculture that's into hot rods, old cars, and under ground music Eddy's carries a large selection of pomade and wax.

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Cock Grease "X"
Cock Grease "No X"
Our Price: $7.50
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Cock Grease "X"
Our Price: $7.50
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Cock Grease "XX"
Our Price: $7.50
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This extra slick pomade is great for soft hair styles, slicking hair,  business look, or the wet look. Great shine with control. Use it for  parting, lifting, and styling. Made with petrolatum and  micro-crystalline wax with a light vanilla scent. Cock Grease “X” Pomade is a medium to strong holding pomade that is long  lasting and is a versatile hair dressing that allows you to mold,  sculpt, and create texture. A firm yet pliable hold that keeps it up all  day. Not water soluble. Cock Grease “XX” is extra stiff pomade. It is just what it says – Extra  Stiff. Great for tall pompadours, tight fenders, flat-tops, and spikes.  This is serious stuff! It doesn’t get any harder than this. Stays up all  day — and all night! Not water soluble.
Cock Grease "XXXX" Big Black
Cock Grease Beaver Cream
Our Price: $8.00
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Cock Grease "XXXX" Big Black
Our Price: $8.50
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Cock Grease "XXX" Water Soluble
Our Price: $14.00
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Beaver Cream is a petroleum based pomade for made especially for her with  grip and shine. This light pomade is perfect for smoothing and adding  moisture and shine. Made with shea butter and palm oil and the sweet  scent of gardenias. Cock Grease XXXX Big Black was created for those in search for an ULTRA STRONG hold on their hairstyle. Scented with brown sugar this an awesome wax has that hold you were looking for. Its dark gray color makes it blend well into black or dark hair. Great for tall pompadours, tight fenders, flat-tops, and spikes. Cock Grease XXX is a water-based pomade with a firm hold that can be  re-combed! It is not a gel, but if you add water while styling it combs  like a gel yet dries like a firm holding wax. For a stronger hold and  better shine let it dry after wetting without further combing. Apply to  dry hair for easy transfer to hair. Add water while styling to allow  pliability like a gel. Goes in hard – Comes off easy with just water!