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theGreaseShop.com brings you a large variety of men's barbershop grade grooming products. Here you’ll find petroleum/wax based or water soluble pomades, hair waxes, and gels for a classic slicked retro style, todays extreme looks, or a clean business cut. As a one stop shop, you’ll find grease cutting shampoos, aftershaves, shaving creams, combs, hair brushes, and a few novelties for the well groomed gentleman.

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For strong hold and high shine

For a wet/greasy shine with strong hold first use a heavier wax or pomade to give hold. (Heavier weight pomades and waxes are a matte finish — low on shine.) Style your hair to get it going the way you want. Then coat the surface a light weight pomade to give shine. Touch up the style as needed. For super greasy shine, coat the stiffly combed hair with an oily product containing mineral oil, rose oil, or lanlion oil, or a light pomade using your hands and fingers.

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Cock Grease "XXX" Water Soluble Boardwalk Strong Hold Pomade
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Cock Grease "XXX" Water Soluble Hair Pomade Boardwalk Strong Hold hair Pomade
Cock Grease “XXX” is firm hold pomade that washes out easily with just water and holds up in hot weather. Allows you to mold and shape your hair much like a gel but unlike get, it does not get brittle or flake. It remains pliable. Apply a small amount or add plenty for greater hold. Add water as you style for a more gel like consistency as you comb and it will dry in place like a wax. Strong hold low shine pomade. Washes out easily with water. Sets into a stronger hold for high pomp's and precision styling. Aloe vera and provitamin B5 for strong healthy hair. Clean fresh scent.
Suavecito Matte Pomade Grim Grease Water Based Light Hold
Our Price: $11.99
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Our Price: $16.00
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Suavecito Matte Pomade Grim Grease Water Based Light Hold
Suavecito Matte Pomade gives a medium hold that works great for most modern natural styles. It washes out easily with just water. Goes in super smooth without any hair tugging for easy distribution through hair. Same original Suavecito fragrance. This creamy pomade is water based and provides a light slick hold with a high shine. Just the right amount of stickiness to keep your hair slicked in place with clean crisp comb lines. It has a fresh cologne scent. It is easy to scoop out, goes in like a cream, and is easy to style. Perfect for all seasons.
Suavecito Firme Hold Pomade Unscented JS Sloane Caviar Clay
Our Price: $11.99
9 in stock!
Our Price: $19.00
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Suavecito Firme Hold Pomade Unscented JS Sloane Caviar Clay
Has all the same features as the Suavecito Firme Hold except it is unscented. It is a medium pomade that holds like a wax but washes our with just water. Caviar Matte Clay by JS Sloane is a heavy hold hair dressing with a matte finish for a natural look. It has a fresh clean scent. Made with a blend of wax and clay that offers both hold and texture to hair. It washes out easily with water and shampoo.