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Inspired by the timeless style of the 1950's barbershop Uppercut Deluxe is a modern yet traditional approach to men's grooming. Formulated, tried and tested by barbers, Uppercut Deluxe products are ideal for guys looking for a high quality product, without the frills of typical salon brands. Proudly Australian made, Uppercut Deluxe uses only the finest ingredients and our team are committed to producing reliable products that will go the distance. So throw in some Uppercut, place your bets and enjoy fight night like the good old days. Show em' your dukes!

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The Uppercut blog. This blog is not as much about product promotion as it is about kool things such as motorcycles, music, and stuff you are sure to dig.

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Uppercut Aftershave Moisturizer Uppercut Aftershave Moisturizer

Uppercut Aftershave Moisturizer adds life to dry skin, minimizes oiliness and reduces the appearance of large pores. The  added sunscreen helps protect your head and face from the harsh elements of  the sun. Top that off with a no sheen, no fuss matt finish and you have  yourself a winner.

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Uppercut Conditioner Uppercut Conditioner

This is a conditioner that when paired with Uppercut's Shampoo these two heavyweights have the  makings of a champion containing the  anti-irritant complex of licorice,  camomile, and panthenol, helping to  moisturize and reduce oiliness.  Peppermint gives a punch of fragrance  while nourishing stressed hair and  a sensitive scalp.

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Uppercut Deluxe Pomade Uppercut Deluxe Pomade

Uppercut Deluxe Pomade is a medium firm water-soluble product suitable for a diverse range of — slickback, quiff, or mohawk. Will wash out easily leaving no residue. The Pomade gives control and definition without the weight of traditional pomades. Clean coconut scent.

Our Price: $17.99
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Uppercut Deluxe Pomade Combo Pack Uppercut Essentials Kit

This kit comes with Shave Cream, Aftershave Moisturiser, and a tub of Uppercut's world famous Deluxe Pomade. A great gift in an attractive cardboard box to give or just to buff yourself out. (see product pages for individual items for more details.)

Our Price: $41.99
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Uppercut Essentials Wash Kit Uppercut Essentials Wash Kit

Formulated naturally, this essentials wash kit comes with Shampoo, Conditioner, Uppercut's famous goats milk soap, and a black pocket comb. A great gift in an attractive cardboard box to give or just to buff yourself out. (see product pages for individual items for more details.)

Our Price: $41.99
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Uppercut Featherweight Pomade Uppercut Featherweight Pomade

Don???t be fooled by the name, just because this wax is light doesn???t mean  it can???t pack a punch. Featherweight has plenty of tack and dry finish  for a natural looking hold. Great for messy quiffs and textured styles.  Another great feature with this product is that it???s water soluble which  means it washes out easily and you get a great dry look without any build up or residue. Pleasant lemon scent. Without  a doubt the great all-rounder.

Our Price: $17.99
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Uppercut Matt Clay Uppercut Matt Clay

Uppercut Deluxe Matt Clay makes it easy to achieve a no-fuss messy look. It is a strong holding wax based pomade with low shine giving you the look you want without a waxy or greasy finish. Don’t let the thick consistency fool you, the clay does what you tell it to, effortlessly piecing out hair to give a pliable, re-workable style.

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Uppercut Mo Wax Uppercut Mo Wax

Movember is here, so get prepared to sport a sharp mo (mustache) with Uppercut's Movember and Sons Mo Wax collab. A little dab of this stuff will keep your mo ship shape and might even persuade you to sport a mo all year round.

Our Price: $11.99
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Uppercut Monster Hold Uppercut Monster Hold

For those who like it real strong Uppercut present to you Monster Hold  pomade. Extra powerful, sweat resistant and great for all styles. Great  for the extra wild hair at Halloween time.

Our Price: $17.99
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Uppercut Quiff Roller Uppercut Quiff Roller

This roller brush by Uppercut is ideal for shaping any size pompadour.  Works well on both dry hair with a blow dryer or on hair styled with  pomades and other dressings.

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Uppercut Shampoo Uppercut Shampoo

Paired with Uppercut Conditioner, these two heavyweights have the makings of a champion containing the anti-irritant complex of licorice, camomile, and panthenol, helping to moisturize and reduce oiliness. Peppermint gives a punch of fragrance while nourishing stressed hair and a sensitive scalp.

(See detail description page.)

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Uppercut Soap Uppercut Soap

Uppercut Deluxe Soap is a great all-around unscented soap. Made from goat's milk and oatmeal, it is ideal for everyday use and perfect for those with problematic skin conditions as well as sensitive and dry, itchy skin. The undiluted goat's milk is a natural moisturizer while oatmeal cleanses the skin and works as a gentle exfoliant to remove dead cells from the surface of the skin.

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