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These shampoos have been specially selected for their grease cutting properties to aid in the removal of pomades and waxes. They all contain strong and medium strength grease cutting ingredients.

Even if you use Dawn or some other dish detergent, which is known to be the best for removing styling products, following up with a good shampoo will leave your hair cleaner and well conditioned. Also us one of our conditioners to restore softness and luster to your hair.
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Dax Removing Shampoo Dax Removing Shampoo

DAX Removing Shampoo is a professional quality grease cutting shampoo for removing dirt, grease, pomades, and waxes. Can be used to remove excess oils from oily hair, yet is gentle enough that it will not strip or tarnish hair's natural shine, natural color, or processed color.

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DAX Vegetable Oil Shampoo DAX Vegetable Oil Shampoo

DAX Vegetable Oil Shampoo is a professional quality shampoo that thoroughly cleanses and conditions hair and scalp. It helps remove buildup of hair styling products. Adds moisture leaving hair naturally lustrous, silky, and extra soft. Hair becomes manageable. (See full product details for note on removing pomades and waxes.)

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JS Sloane Deep Cleansing Shampoo JS Sloane Deep Cleansing Shampoo

This classic deep cleansing shampoo is for normal to oily hair. JS Sloane formulated this shampoo specially to remove build up without drying hair. Contains Provitamin B5 to improve hair shine and Keratin,  and Collagen to repair damaged hair and improve elasticity.

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JS Sloane Moisturizing Shampoo JS Sloane Moisturizing Shampoo

Classic Moisturizing Shampoo is for normal to dry hair. JS Sloane has developed this shampoo using the latest technology in ingredients that help increase moisture in dry hair. Contains a vegetable derived protein that helps increase the strength of the hair.

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Rumble59 - Schmier Ex Shampoo Rumble59 - Schmier Ex Shampoo

A grease cutting shampoo from Germany. "SchmierEx-Shampoo" is perfect  for a daily application — with an extra dose of "grease solvent." Leaves  hair smelling fresh and grease — ready for you style again with a fresh  application of grease.

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Uppercut Essentials Wash Kit Uppercut Essentials Wash Kit

Formulated naturally, this essentials wash kit comes with Shampoo, Conditioner, Uppercut's famous goats milk soap, and a black pocket comb. A great gift in an attractive cardboard box to give or just to buff yourself out. (see product pages for individual items for more details.)

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Uppercut Shampoo Uppercut Shampoo

Paired with Uppercut Conditioner, these two heavyweights have the makings of a champion containing the anti-irritant complex of licorice, camomile, and panthenol, helping to moisturize and reduce oiliness. Peppermint gives a punch of fragrance while nourishing stressed hair and a sensitive scalp.

(See detail description page.)

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No shampoo will remove waxes and pomades 100% in the first washing. More on this in "shop Talk."