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Choose a light water soluble pomade for shorter hair that does not require much hold

Great for more conservative business styles. Water soluble pomades hold like a wax but wash out like a gel. They are more modern formulation and usually do not contain petroleum or wax. They are available in various amounts of hold. Apply a small amount at a time to dry or towel dry hair till you get the desired amount evenly spread through your hair. Once applied you can either style with or without adding water.
For a more slick look, add water as you style to make combing easier like a gel. Wet combing and then letting it dry causes these products to achieve more of a wet and stiff look. Unlike gels, these products are more like a very firm wax once they dry. If you want a dry look, style without adding water.
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JS Sloane Lightweight Pomade JS Sloane Lightweight Pomade

A light weight water soluble pomade that holds like traditional classic pomade with a good shine. It is suitable for all hair types, and is perfect for that Rockabilly  look, and other retro hairstyles. It has a firm, but f lexible feel and hold and it washes out easy.

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Uppercut Featherweight Pomade Uppercut Featherweight Pomade

Don???t be fooled by the name, just because this wax is light doesn???t mean  it can???t pack a punch. Featherweight has plenty of tack and dry finish  for a natural looking hold. Great for messy quiffs and textured styles.  Another great feature with this product is that it???s water soluble which  means it washes out easily and you get a great dry look without any build up or residue. Pleasant lemon scent. Without  a doubt the great all-rounder.

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