Keeping the world's hair well greased!

This is your source for traditional barbershop products such as pomades, tonics, creams, gels, and hair waxes, that are essential for maintaining classic, retro, and dapper hairstyles

Greasers! Men keeping an "old-fashioned look"! Punk Rockers! Rock-A-Billys! Girls who Slick! Club Kids! and anyone who adores great slick hair — this is your store... At The Grease Shop we're bringing back the pompadour, DA, business cut, side parted "cub scout look," and the flat-top. And these products go great for a Mohawk, messy spikes, and any extreme trendy style that's up and coming. When your drugstore does not carry a traditional old-time barbershop product such as Lucky Tiger Hair Tonic or a tin of a new brand specially made for the Rock-A-Billy scene, step into The Grease Shop!

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