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How do I remove heavy wax and pomade from my hair?
Last Updated: 07/06/2017

Removing waxes and pomades

As far as we know, there is NO shampoo which COMPLETELY washes any petroleum or wax based product. Most traditional pomades and waxes are intended NOT to wash out easily. Degreasing shampoos can only aid in washing out these products. Several applications are often necessary. WE CANNOT GUARANTEE THAT ANY SHAMPOO WE SELL WILL COMPLETELY REMOVE ANY HAIR PRODUCT OR OTHER SUBSTANCE FROM YOUR HAIR. THEY ARE TO AID IN CLEANSING.

Many pomade/wax users don't need to completely wash out the products as they intend to "grease-up" again! But if you want to remove these styling products, here's what you need to do.

BUT DON'T DISPARE... The shampoos we sell on the are all grease cutting shampoos. The more popular ones for cutting grease are the Lucky-13 Royal Flush, DAX Removing Shampoo, and High Life Shampoo. For best results do not over wet hair and use a generous amount of shampoo. Work up a good lather and let it stay in your hair to dissolve the grease for several minutes. Rinse out with hot water and repeat as needed to remove remaining grease and wax. Afterwords you may want to use a conditioner such as DAX Restoring Conditioner to leave hair soft and natural or ready for the next greasing!

Here are a few ideas sent to us by shoppers on washing out pomades and waxes:

IDEA 1: Work in a good dose of Groom & Clean hairdressing letting it melt the wax for about a half an hour. You may want to style your hair with the Groom & Clean and the pomade/wax that's already in your hair and wear it this way while it works on softening the pomade/wax. Groom & Clean is like a detergent, thus its name. Then, when your ready to wash it all out, saturate your hair with a good shampoo such as the grease-cutting varieties we sell here, wash, and then rewash as needed and it's all gone.
IDEA 2: Use a grease-cutting dish detergent such as Dawn and work up a good lather. You may need to let it soak in for a while as you rub your fingers through the hair. Rinse out completely with warm water. Wash again with a pleasant yet good grease cutting shampoo such any of the shampoos we sell here.
IDEA 3: This idea uses several grease cutting steps for removing extremely built us pomades and waxes. Apply about a tablespoon of Ajax Super Degreaser Dish Liquid Detergent to your hair as you would a shampoo. Thoroughly rinse out with warm water. Apply Pantene Pro-V Conditioner first for additional grease cutting action, and work it in until you can feel you hair get nice and soft. Use an amount you normally use with any shampoo. Apply Pantene Pro-V Shampoo. [DAX Removing Shampoo, DAX Vegetable Oil Shampoo, or Lucky 13 Royal Flush Shampoo work just as well and are available here] This will leave you hair sqeaky clean, and get rid of the lemon smell of the Ajax. Rinse your hair with cold water, and run your hands through to feel if you missed any pomade. –The Big Guy Von Frankenstein, Heathens SC/CC
IDEA 4: Work olive oil or mineral oil into your hair to "melt" the wax. Then wash your hair with a really good grease cutting dish soap such as Dawn. Finally, wash with your favorite shampoo. Any of the shampoos we sell will do the trick. Depending on how heavy and how much wax or pomade you are removing, you may need to repeat applications and time soaking in the shampoo.
IDEA 5: Try using Dove Ultra Moisturizing Conditioner as a shampoo. It is said to be a great degreaser.
IDEA 6: Shampoo with an olive oil shampoo, or grease cutting shampoo, rinse and condition. Towel dry hair them massage in a liberal amount of Dawn Concentrated Dish Detergent. Work into a lather and let sit for 30 to 45 minutes. There might be a slight itchiness to the scalp. Rinse out well and re-shampoo and condition. –Skully B.

These ideas were submitted by customers and we do not make any guarantee to their effectiveness but it is worth trying and finding what best works for your hair type and the brand of grease or wax you are removing.
Please note that we do not guarantee the accuracy of information in this section as it is provided to us by a variety of sources including visitors to who may or may not have reliable information.

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