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How Much Product to Use
Last Updated: 07/01/2017

It all depends on how much hair, it's texture, and what look you want to achieve. If all you want to do is keep your hair styled and neat, than you don't need much. But if you are looking for a super slicked greaser look, then use a lot. Style plays a role in the choice. For instance a flattop can use a lot of wax or heavy pomade. Long-hair pompadours and long haired slickbacks that are to look super-slicked should have PLENTY of the medium or light weight products. For high shine, light weight products in ample amounts are used. Use more if your hair tends to absorb the grease and lack shine. Some hair types look super greasy even with a little product. Just experiment!

Heavier pomades should be applied a little at a time as you work the product in and comb. This is to make combing easier and avoid tangling which will make combing difficult.

Caution: For fine, brittle, or long hair don't use a lot of the heavier products. It would be better to use a medium or light weight products. For short, and/or coarse hair or curley hair, you can use more of the heavier weight products

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