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How to Use Products Removing Products from Hair

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How do I remove heavy wax and pomade from my hair?
Removing waxes and pomades As far as we know, there is NO shampoo which COMPLETELY washes any petroleum or wax based product. Most traditional pomades and waxes are intended NOT to wash o
How Much Product to Use
It all depends on how much hair, it's texture, and what look you want to achieve. If all you want to do is keep your hair styled and neat, than you don't need much. But if you are looking for a super
How to Use a Light Pomade - Video
Perhaps the best pomade for you would be a light pomade as it gives decent hold and lots of shine. It goes in easy and is best suited for longer hair.
How to Use Pomades and Waxes - Videos
These videos demonstrate how to use various pomades and waxes. While they speak specifically of a particular brand, the methods are often common to all similar products.
Mixing Products for Best Hold and Shine
Get more variety from your slicking experience. Try mixing two or more products that exhibit different properties. Some products are better for rigid hold such as heavy weight pomades and waxes, and
Non-Hair Products for an Awesome Shine
For the ultimate hair slick you might consider passing up the hair care isle and head to the baking department. Crisco® is a shortening used in baking but is also a great glaze for hair! Not too far
Styling Methods With Layrite - Videos
Watersoluble Layrite can be used on wet, damp, or dry hair to achieve different effects. Here we see styles such as shiny slickbacks and clean natural executive cuts. While they speak specifically of